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18 Annerley Hill, London, SE19


18 Annerley Hill, London, SE19.


Towards the tail end of 2015 Advanced Roofing Solutions Ltd were contracted by the owners of this South London residential block to undertake refurbishment works to the main roof and large render band which runs around the top of the property.

A full tin hat scaffold was erected to provide safe access and enable works to be carried out efficiently during the winter without risking damage to the apartments below.




The scaffold was provided by Vince Williams of AAA Scaffolding of Hemel Hempstead.


The works involved the complete removal of the existing failed felt roof coverings and the installation of a fully Insulated Topseal HD GRP warm roof incorporating 120mm Kingspan Thermaroof insulation so as to comply with current building regulations.



The roof was stripped back to the joists and a new plywood sub-deck was installed with 1200 gauge Visqeen vapour control layer. The 120mm insulation was then laid onto the VCL and the new 18mm OSB3 Sterlingboard tongue and grooved deck was mechanically fixed toe the joists below in preperation for the installation of the Topseal HD GRP roof membrane.











The new roof deck boards were laminated with Topseal HD GRP resins and allowed to cure before the application of the dark grey topcoat.


The roof was then sanded to a smooth finish and the protective Topseal topcoat was applied in Dark Admiralty Grey.

New full replacement PVC fascia boards and rainwater guttering were installed.

Once the installation of the roof covering had been completed our installers commenced works on the internal faces of the parapet walls and the water tank house.

The Kemperol V210 cold applied liquid coating was chosen to encapsulate the internal faces of the parapet walls, chimney stacks and flaunching and external faces of the tank house. Although the existing pcc coping stones were in good condition our installers also installed a fully reinforced strip of Kemperol V210 over the mortar joints to prevent any issues in the future and the need to re-point at a later date.

As Kemperol V210 could be applied directly to the walls once minor repairs had been carried out it made this product the best choice for this application.

The Kempertec D Primers provide an excellent seal onto the Topseal GRP membrane ensuring that this seamless solution was fully guaranteed by both manufacturers.

The completed works form a neat and effective waterproofing solution that should last in excess of 25 years.

The final part of the specified works was to remove any live render from the high level decorative band below the parapet wall and repair with a high performance render.

Prepare and prime with Sika Decadex bonding primer and apply two coats of Sika Decadex in white. This products forms a fully flexible membrane which is guaranteed for 10 years.

The end result was a fantastic improvement and will hopefully serve the owners for years to come and exceed the guarantee periods of 30 years for the Topseal HD GRP roof covering, 20 years for the Kemperol V210 seamless coatings and 10 years for the Sika Decadex coating onto the high level render band.

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