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3M Scotchkote Liquid Roofing System

Advanced Roofing Solutions has recently carried out the installation of the 3M Scotchkote EC661 & UV662 cold applied polyurethane roofing membrane at the Marcantonio Foods offices in Barking, Essex. The 3M Scotchkote system is designed and used primarily for the overlay of existing bitumen roofing felt, asphalt and profiled metal roof sheets. In this instance we were overlaying the existing Brindle red mineral roofing felt which although visually appeared to be in good condition had started to let rainwater into the building.

The Process involved the washing down of the existing roofing felt and the application of an approved fungicidal wash to eliminate the future growth of moss and Lichen on the flat roof surface. Next the 3M Scotchkote embedment coat was laid at a rate of 1 litre per square metre, then the 225 gm premier reinforcing mat was laid onto the embedment coat as reinforcement and a further 1 litre per square metre was applied. The system forms a fully elastic monolithic membrane with no joins or seams.

3M Scotchkote Cold Applied Flat Roofing System

The embedment coat EC661 takes approximately 8 hours to cure at 20c, with one of the major benefits of polyurethane roofing resins being that they are moisture cured, meaning that if caught out when installing this system by a rain shower, that the product is not damaged and actually uses the moisture to promote the curing of the membrane. Once the embedment layer is cured the application of UV662 is applied at a rate of 1 litre per square metre, this provides the UV protection to the base layer and is pre pigmented in either dark,mid or light grey.

Advanced Roofing Solutions has carried out various roofing works for Marcantonio Foods using both 3M Scotckote and Topseal GRP fibreglass, cold applied, flat roofing systems.

3M Scotchkote polyurethane roofing membranes are the number one choice for commercial and industrial applications for roofs of any size due to the elasticity of the finished mebrane.

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