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Beddington Infants School, Surrey (Bell Tower)

Lead Stolen From The Bell Tower




Thieves had stolen the original lead covering from the Bell Tower that stands outside of Beddington Infants School and Advanced Roofing Solutions were contracted to install a simulated lead effect Topseal coating.




Stage one was to cut and install a plywood facing.

Plywood and ribs being applied by Gary Adams



Individual pieces of plywood were cut to shape and installed along with trims to form the lead seam effect and lower drip edges.

The Ply wood was then primed with G4 Dampseal primer.




Next the Topseal GRP system is installed and the bell tower starts taking shape.

Topseal GRP




After a few hours of hard graft the Topseal installation is almost complete.





A final inspection by the school caretaker and the installation is complete.

Completed Topseal Bell Tower

No lead to steal here!!

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