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Braybank Estate, Bray , Maidenhead.

Braybank is an exclusive private gated development of town houses and apartments that sit on the banks of the River Thames at Bray Village, Maidenhead,Berkshire.

At the beginning of 2015 Advanced Roofing Solutions was awarded the contract to renew 1500m² of existing flat roof coverings and to remove approximately 800 linear metres of concrete coping stones from the parapet walls, and fabricate on site a new Topseal GRP capping system to prevent rainwater damage to the outside faces of painted brickwork which had been damaged by the lack of a drip and general condition of the existing copings.

Condition of existing copings

Over the years the concrete copings had deteriorated and were lacking the drip point throating to the underside which prevents rainwater from tracking back to the wall of the property and causing damage and damp.

All attempts at repairs had failed and a complete replacement was the option that was chosen.

The existing lead flashings were in a poor state of repair so were overcoated with the cold applied Kemperol V210 resin system which is covered by a 20 year guarantee.

Below is a photo taken of a completed gable.


Neat and tidy and completely sealed with Topseal GRP and Kemperol V210 covering the lead flashings.



Works commenced in April and completed in October with Advanced Roofing Solutions Ltd assuming the role of principle designer \ contractor.

Almost all areas of existing flat roofs were covered in bitumen felt with approximately 300m² covered with a PVC single ply membrane. The new roof decks were insulated, boarded and then laminated with Topseal HD which is a GRP fibreglass roof covering that is BBA approved and covered by a 30 year guarantee which can be insurance backed.

Topseal GRP Roofing

Topseal HD GRP Roof Covering

Topseal forms a completely seamless roof covering which is maintenance free and guaranteed for 30 years.



The roofs on Blocks 1 & 2 were draining into a central drop \ box gutter.




The photo below shows the overlay of a PVC single ply membrane with the Kemperol V210 20 year seamless coating.

Kemperol V210 20 Year seamless overlay coating.



Kemperol V210 is a cold applied and fully reinforced resin roofing system which is BBA & ETA approved and certified and is covered by a 20 year guarantee.



Resin roofing systems are ideal for complex details such as parapet gutters and form a continuous seamless gutter that will not need replacing for the next 30 years.

Topseal GRP lined parapet gutter




Below are a few photos showing each completed block.


Block 1 Braybank

Block 2 ready for painting.







Blocks 3 & 4


With all flat roofs and gutters now replaced by Advanced Roofing Solutions Ltd it is now over to the decorators to complete the refurbishment of the exterior.




The project was overseen by Martyn Willis of John Rowan & Partners from Ealing who was a pleasure to work with, as was Peter Brockhurst from JMPM Ltd

Block 5 Complete





Thank you to the Directors of Braybank Estates Ltd for selecting Advanced Roofing Solutions Ltd to carry out this installation and being so easy to work with.



Block 6 Complete






Block 6 rear






Block 7 Complete (rear)







Block 7 Complete front elevation

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