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Advanced Roofing Solutions – Our Latest Commercial Roofing Projects

Front Lawn Sports Pavillion - Havant - Hampshire
Harrods Skylight Upstand

Advanced Roofing Solutions are specialists in the application of cold applied seamless roofing membranes which are the perfect solution for any commercial or industrial project.

Both Scotchkote and Topseal GRP roofing systems offer waterproofing membranes that are BBA (British Board of Agrement) certified and approved and carry 25 year guarantees. The installation process of both systems does not require the use of any heat unlike almost all other systems that are available today and as they are both liquid systems there are no seams or joints in the finished product which could lead to future leaks.

Cold applied waterproofing systems are becoming the favoured roofing solutions for both the commercial and industrial client as the use of “no heat” on any future flat or pitched roof maintenance means lower insurance premiums.

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