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Putneymead Medical Practice, London, SW15 6TQ.


Advanced Roofing Solutions have recently completed the installation of Triflex Prothan cold applied liquid coatings at the Putneymead Medical Practice.




The scope of works was to prevent rainwater ingress from the existing asphalt roof coverings with although looked in a reasonable condition were failing in multiple locations and causing damage to the inside of the facility.



Triflex Prothan liquid roofing.

The solution proposed by us and chosen by the client was the overlay of the existing flat roof and terrace areas with Triflex ProThan. The reason that we specified this product was due to it being solvent free and zero odour and therefore the perfect solution to be used on an occupied and working medical facility.




Triflex Prothan


All of the concrete paving slabs were temporarily removed and set aside prior to the application of the product. Once the Trilfex Prothan had fully cured the concrete slabs were re-laid on a 200gm geotextile to prevent damage to the new waterproofing.



Putneymead Main Roof


The main roof area was covered in stone chippings and concrete slabs which were again set aside for re-installation once the roof coverings had been installed. The main roof involved a large amount of detail works to be carried out on the numerous support posts for the maintenance cradle tracks.


Completed section of the main roof.



Both photos are showing the completed sections of the main roof with all stones and paving slabs having been re-installed.




The lower balconies were particularly problematic with serious rainwater ingress caused by poor detailing of the parapet walls. It was decided to completely encapsulate these walls to prevent any further issues in the future with failed mortar joints. The new membrane is continuous from the roof deck to the top of the wall.


The solution has worked and the facility is now watertight with a 20 year guarantee in place.

Thank you to Putneymead Medical Practice for choosing Advanced Roofing Solutions to carry out these works.




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