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Sutton High School Topseal HD Fibreglass Roof

Its been a while since our last post but with Christmas fast approaching there is some time for an update. It has been a very busy year with both domestic and commercial installations. Recently we have been carrying out installations on various schools, including this installation which was carried out during the summer holidays at Sutton High School, Surrey. We were sub-contracted by Ashley Group to install the Topseal HD system as part of a refurbishment of the existing roof, which included the upgrade of thermal insulation, installation of solar PV and a mansafe system.


Please note the denoted non slip walkways.




Colin Quigley, Ashley Groups Director instructed Advanced Roofing Solutions Ltd to carry out the works mid August and the installation took approximately four weeks to complete. Topseal GRP fibreglass was chosen due to it being a BBA approved system that is cold applied forms a completely seamless membrane which makes sealing around difficult roof penetrations more reliable than traditional sheet materials.






Various penetrations through the new GRP fibreglass roof covering, no problem when using a seamless system but often the cause of future problems associated with conventional bitumen and single ply sheet systems.




The school roof has had extensive solar pv panels installed, this shot shows the framework which will hold the new panels in place. Again sealing onto the new supports was no problem for the Topseal HD system.


The existing asbestos containing water tank housing was stripped out and clad by Ashley Group and had a new grp fibreglass roof installed by Advanced Roofing Solutions Ltd



The final shots show the angled glazed skylight with drainage gulley.  Thanks for looking!                                                                              

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