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Woodside House,London, SW19 (Warm roof) 1350m2

Woo0dside House, London SW19

In June 2016 Advanced Roofing Solutions commenced works as principal contractor on the recovering and upgrade of insulation to the main flat roof at this prestigious residential block in Wimbledon, S.West London.

Failed EPDM Rubber Roof

The scope of works included the provision of a scaffold guardrail with access towers , the removal of the existing failed EPDM rubber roof covering and water damaged insulation panels. Also included was the encapsulation of the parapet walls to the stair wells and the coating of the bay window roofs.

Parapet walls before the installation of Trilflex Protect.


The parapet walls were very problematic with temporary repairs having been carried out previously with a bituminous flashband, however this had not worked.

Triflex Prowarm with carrier membrane.

Following removal of the failed EPDM roof coverings and saturated 50mm insulation panels, the original asphalt roof covering was prepared for the installation of the 120mm Triflex ProWarm insulation panels. The insulation was chemically adhered to the asphalt with Triflex 2 part adhesive and then a Triflex carrier membrane was adhered to the new insulation panels.

Triflex Liquid Roofing

The main advantages of a cold applied liquid roofing system are that the new membrane installed is monolithic with no joints or seams. The resins are applied n a wet on wet process two thirds of the resin being directly applied onto the substrate and while wet the polyester reinforcement fleece is laid onto resin and saturated.

Completed section of Triflex Protect .

Any air trapped within the system is removed with a roller which also ensures an even distribution of the resin. Once this has been achieved the final coating of resin is applied and left to cure. Triflex is a PMMA resin system which is solvent free and very fast curing.

The installation took just over 12 weeks to complete, strike the scaffold and remove our temporary compound and site welfare unit.

The only thing that we left behind on completion of works was a new watertight roof covering which is covered by a 20 year guarantee. Triflex Protect is BBA & ETA approved and certified.

Thank you to the residents and Directors of Woodside House for entrusting us with these works.

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